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Tower display cases for Retail

Tower Display Cases

Tower display cases. All our showcases have amazing designs that will highlight your products. Our line of tower showcases is one of the most sought after thanks to its versatility. Also you must choose your shape, thanks to its design it is possible to choose between a square, triangular, hexagonal and octagonal shape. Each of these forms gives you a unique presentation. Also all our showcases can be made of aluminum extrusion with tempered glass, LED lighting, levelers, tempered glass shelves, locks, sliding and hinge doors, exhibition and storage areas. We invite you to visit our photo gallery to choose the one that best suits your business. If you want help or more information of our electronic catalogs, contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Costume Display Cases – Made for the RED CROSS

These custom made costume display cases were made a few month ago for the RED CROSS.

They are very happy with the cases and we are very satisfied to be part of such an important organization with such history.

The Management.

Costume Showcases

Costume Display Cases

Tower Display Cases – Custom Made

Take a look at some of the tower display cases we have manufactured recently at our factory in Laredo Texas.

We have over 100 different Tower Display Case designs online for all our customers to see.

Tower Display Cabinets

Tower Showcases

Tower Showcases 463 Tower Showcases 457 Tower 348 Tower 300 - email

Custom Made Display Cases

Custom made display cases at prices unmatched by our competition and delivered to you anywhere in the USA or Canada within 2 weeks.


Wall Mounted Display Cases

Also our selection of wall mounted display cases has now been put online.  All our designs include the measurements and pricing.  Our high quality and low pricing can not be matched by our competition.

Wall Mounted Showcases – Link


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Free Standing Display Cases – Made In Texas USA

It is probably very safe to say that we manufacture the largest selection of free standing display cases in the USA. With over 150 designs to choose from we have not come across any other company that can give our customers that much choice.

With our factories located in Toronto Canada and Laredo Texas, we cover all of the USA for easy delivery.

Below are a few examples of our free standing display case designs.

Free Standing Display Cabinets - Georgia

Free Standing Showcases – Texas


Counter Display Cases for Body Jewelry

Body jewelry has become very popular over the last few years and we have noticed a size-able increase in the sale of body jewelry counter display cases and wall upright cabinets.  The demand for modern looking custom designed cases is exactly what we do best!  Custom Display Cases North America has been in the business since the early 80,s and we are still going very strong today!  In these last 30 years the industry has gone through many changes, especially in the area of lighting and laminates.  These days the trend is clearly going into the direction of a minimalistic modern looking designs that are ageless and last a very long time!

For more information about our latest designs, please ask for Javier or Stephanie and they will be happy to assist you!

Jewelry Display Cabinets Georgia

Jewelry Showcases Texas

Tower 17 Tower 38. Tower 88 Tower 152 Tower 118 Tower 210 Tower 367 Tower Showcases 458

Jewelry Pedestal Display Cases – Los Angeles California

These pedestal display cases were designed and manufactured with white acrylic back-lit panel.

This high-end jewelry / watch retailer was very pleased with the final result!

Jewelry Pedestal Display Cabinets

Museum Pedestal Showcases

Custom Museum Display Cases – Made in the USA

Our custom made display cases are made in the USA by experienced mill workers with an average of  18 years work experience!

Our pricing and quality is unmatched by our competition and the design choices are basically unlimited!

View the attached photo’s which are examples of glass showcases made this month!

Tower Showcase

Tower Display Cabinet

Tower 88



Large Museum Display Cases – Shipped to NEW MEXICO

This big project was not easy to design or make, but our team at the Museum Display Group did it perfectly!  Our customer has a HUGE selection of miniature trains and planes that needed to be displayed in the basement of an old house that was turned into a museum!  To get into this basement you first need to get to the backyard!  From the backyard you need to go down a long narrow staircase which is only 74.5″high and 36″wide!  You can imagine the challenge of getting 29 custom made crates into this basement!

Attached is a photo of one of these VERY large museum display cases!


Large Museum Display Cabinets

Large Museum Showcases