Your first business with a food kiosk

Food Kiosks

Would you like to start your first food business with a kiosk? We have what you are looking for. It may seem complicated to buy your kiosk online. Also with so many companies of bad reputation it is difficult to trust in online purchases.

We are a company with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture of carts and kiosks for the sale of food. That is why we can guarantee that your investment is safe with us. Before requesting any type of payment, we plan and design together with you the food kiosk you want.

If you need more information about our food kiosks, call us, we are here to help you.

How to organize a clothing store

For every clothing store, visual order is something that needs strategy to create an attractive view. The seasons are long. So it is good to create a dynamic of change every two weeks. When our regular customers enter our store and we have not changed the visual merchandising for weeks, they have the feeling that the time has frozen and there are no news in sight. We could have been placing the new order all morning, but if it is not exposed in a way that catches our attention, our work would have been useless.

To organize the clothes in a clothing store we need to analyze our furniture, our space, and see if we need perhaps some new showcases. The display racks are very useful as we can change them each time and allow an infinite combination of possibilities. There is always a need to try to combine the exhibitors with the larger collections, complete them with smaller collections such as accessories (handbags, jewelery, shoes, scarves, glasses, etc.). This way we will be creating a new service, that of offering a wide possibility to our clients to combine a garment with another element that will complete their look.

Colors are also very important when organizing garments in a fashion store. The clothing collections come with seasonal colors and we must know how to combine them according to the attractiveness that we think it will have on our clientele. It is always better to use three colors and play with each other with them. We will also take into account the number of garments that we will put on each rack, since it is not good to overload, it makes visibility difficult and it tires the customers.

Therefore, the keys to organizing garments in a clothing store are:
1. Realize that fewer elements favor the visibility of others that will be more successful.
2.Combine the colors in an intelligent and effective way
3. Place accessories next to the garments to help our customers to have a global vision.
4. And above all, have fun creating the new look. Doing and undoing, designing combinations and changing our workspace!

10 features of a good shoe store (including display cases)

Shoe Display Cases

The design of your display cases

The design of the shoe display cases can be used to convey the brand of the store, highlight the names of designers or manufacturers, or warn potential consumers about special prices or promotions.

An attractive exterior

The exterior design, signage and logo should attract your target consumer. In a store that specializes in a particular type of footwear the exterior elements must also convey the spirit of the store, so that consumers who do not know the brand can immediately perceive what the store has to offer.

The inventory

A system to track which brands and styles sell best is essential.

Staff quality / consumer service

The employees who know the shoes, know the inventory and understand that the target audience of the store is invaluable for the success of the business.

Product selection

A family-oriented store should always have on hand shoes that appeal to everyone, from fashion-conscious teenagers to people over 30 or 40 years who favor comfort.

Exhibitions inside the store

Highlight new designs and special prices by elevating the display of those products, or putting them closer to the entrance to the store.

A place to sit

If the buyer can not find a comfortable place to sit and try on the shoe, he may give up and leave the store, frustrated.

Good lighting

Illuminating the displays of both the stained glass and the interior is important. But good lighting design can also help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Many mirrors

Use a mixture of full-length mirrors with others up to knee height, so that consumers can appreciate both the big and the small panorama.

The image of the brand

A strong brand is extremely important to the success of a shoe store. You may enjoy providing fashionistas with the latest European styles.

The most important thing is that you discover which is the best segment for your store.

The best quality on each Display Cabinet

Display Cabinet

The prices shown on this page include taxes and correspond to display cabinet of the best quality at the best price. Shipping costs are set separately once the destination, dimensions and delivery time have been defined.

In Custom Display Cases we are committed to you to deliver each and every one of the models and / or accessories with the characteristics and finishes previously defined according to your requirements.

For future clarifications it is important to mention that all applications will be valid for 30 calendar days from the date of issue.

The prices shown here may vary according to the place of purchase, taking into account taxes, export duties, exchange rate and other fiscal obligations.

For your confidence, all our orders are photographed and inspected by our team before being packed and shipped to your destination. Rest assured that all the models leave our factory in perfect condition and we do everything so that they arrive in the same way up to your hands.

All Custom displays, showcases, counters, islands and carts Display Cabinet are guaranteed against manufacturing defects.

All our products are shipped properly packed to ensure the integrity of your purchase. If for any reason your order suffers any damage during transportation, it is necessary to notify any of our representatives via email. You must attach photographs of the damage caused. The transport operator must be witness of having delivered the order in accident conditions. The photographs will be reviewed by our team to provide a response within no more than 48 hours .

It is important to highlight that the inappropriate use, mistreatment or damage caused to the exhibition furniture after delivery, is not considered a manufacturing defect. In this case  Custom Display Cases reserves the free replacement of the damaged parts.

These policies are applied to all products manufactured by Custom Display Cases and its affiliated brands.


If you have questions about our policies please contact us.

6 tips to make your display cases more attractive

Wall upright display cases

On this occasion we collected 6 tips from specialists to make your display cases more attractive.

An attractive display case tells a story

When it comes to putting together an attractive showcase for your store, it is important to go beyond the topic. If you are preparing something special for Valentine’s Day, do not choose only for hearts, make your decoration tell a story.

Think about who will see from the outside

To build an attractive showcase, it is not enough to think only about how beautiful it will look. The main aspect to keep in mind is how the client will remember it. For that, some specialists suggest placing a band in the showcase that is at the level of the client’s eyes. Concentrate the main information with the decoration on that level. Leave the ceiling and floor for peripheral decoration.

Surprise cotumers

Incorporate elements and materials little used in the decoration of your showcase is a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition and attract new customers. Using bold colors and formats is also a way to get attention.

Keep the display cases clean

It is important that you do not overload the shop window with an excess of information. According to marketing consultant Jon Schallert , a good tip is to use a large amount of the same product. “One or two pieces of something are not going to get anyone’s attention. But, if you put a dozen of the product in the showcase, that will attract everyone, “he recommends.

Constantly update

According to store design consultant Linda Cahan , the ideal is to update the showcase of your business every one or two months. “The more times you change the showcases, the more people are going to look inside your store,” he says.

Use lighting

Schallert says that it is possible to attract more customers if the lighting in your products is placed at the right angle. According to him, the lights should not be placed directly on top of the product, because that creates shadows. Instead, he suggests concentrating on some specific points.

If you need a display case, contact our experts. They will help you choose the best designs, materials and finishes for your display cases.

The best show with the best exhibit showcases

Exhibit Showcases

Every day more companies are betting to participate in exhibitions and conventions throughout the country. Taking your products to new cities helps create markets and potential customers. To have a successful exposure it is important to give the best impression when it comes to exhibiting your products. In Custom Display Cases we have designed a special line of exhibit showcases that are the ideal option for exhibitions and events.

Choose a good place for your products

Exhibit Showcase for trade show

Visibility is essential when visitors discover your stand, so the location is very important. Most commercial fairs offer privileged locations for an extra cost.

If you are willing to pay a little more, consider this option as soon as possible. Most of the VIP places of a fair sell fast; some years before, so you may have to think about this topic well in advance.

It is also something to consider when negotiating your contract. If you plan to attend a fair regularly, a privileged location is something you can insist on at that time.

Showcases in any size, shape or color.

Showcases for specialized products, showcases for small products, windows for mannequins, large showcases, our exhibit showcases serve to highlight any type of product. They are manufactured with aluminum profiles of the highest quality, which allows them to be resistant and durable. Do you need advice to buy an exhibition showcase? Contact us our advisors will help you.


With over 40 kiosk and carts made especially for the candy industry, you can imagine how fast this niche kiosk and cart business is growing fast.

We are the leader in the custom kiosk and cart industry and we will continue to be for another 100 years.



We all have them, t-shirts in all shapes, forms, sizes and with different prints. Still there will always be room for one more with a custom print. EZEE T-prints can hook you up with some nice ones we’ve been told. Check the vicinity of Colorado springs for their cart designed by


With our manufacturing plant located in Laredo Texas and office locations in Dallas and Austin, this makes us the largest glass display cases builder in the great state of Texas.  Most of the glass display cases we build are for Optical, cell phone, jewelry, sun glasses, gadgets, candy, make-up and many other industries.

Our names gives away our specialty….CUSTOM DISPLAY CASES…..and this is what we are known for best.

One of our most famous line of glass display cases is our suspended line.  This line is very modern and new age looking and has been incredibly popular with various businesses all over the USA.

Glass Display Cases Dallas, San Antonio, Houston and Austin

Glass Display Cases Texas



We are well known for the great variety of custom display cases we have made for various companies, organizations, schools, hospitals and government bodies in the state of Florida.  Most of the deliveries are to cities such as Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, St Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Hialeah, Tallahassee and many of the other great cities and towns in the great state of Florida.  With over 30 years in the business of making high quality glass display cases we are best known for the amount of jewelry, cell phone and optical stores we have done work for.  Building glass display cases is done by 24 great carpenters that have been employed by our company for many years.  Most of our carpenters have been with us since the beginning but we have also been hiring young carpenters who are bringing new ideas to the table.

Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, St Peterburg

Custom Display Cases Florida

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