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At CUSTOM DISPLAY CASES North America we offers a wide selection of trophy cases.  Available in all shapes and sizes and in different types of laminates or solid wood veneers.  Various patterns of decorative moldings are also available.

Quality structured and elegant.  These showcases can display any kind of reward, from medals to trophies, to memorabilia and plaques.  Glass shelves can be added as well.  Whatever your purpose is, you can be sure your trophies and prizes will look beautiful.  And you can be sure we’ll use the best possible locking system to keep your prizes safe.  Classic, modern, colorful or distinctive, CUSTOM DISPLAY CASES North America can do them all.  Please check our entire catalogs for the perfect showcase for your needs, chances are, we’ve already built it, if not give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to serve you.

Made in the USA

2 new cases in Tampa museum of art

Tampa museum of Art gets another 2 Counter Top Showcases, making a grand total of 48 for Florida alone.   Way to go Florida, love serving you but most of all, love satisfying you!!

The Art of Making High Quality Display Cases

The art of making high quality museum display cases is not as easy as some display manufacturing companies claim!   Putting on display nice and  interesting objects has a very long tradition in Europe and North America.   Museum Display Cases are among some of the oldest furniture pieces known . The shapes, sizes and colors will always vary but the straight forward basic features have always remained the same.   Today our high end Museum Display Cases are designed and manufactured using the latest technology and high-grade materials.  When using the latest LED light fixtures your Gallery Display Cases will exhibit the items on display perfectly and make it the focal point of your museum or gallery!