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Costume display cases in home

A lot of times, we don’t know what to do with the display cases that we have in home. Above all, the uses are the important thing. So, why don’t you use those tips?

As a double unit display case

Use it in the living room or in your bedroom. We have already mentioned that display cases have a double function, especially to expose those objects that you want to show.

For bedding in the bathroom

If you liked this option remember to consider humidity, so I recommend you choose a metal display case. The other option is to per-treat the wood with a sealing product.

The “special” set

Here the showcase comes in as an ideal piece of furniture, because it allows us to store all those things and display them.

For the guest room

If you have a guest room in your home, then the showcase is the perfect piece of furniture. In it you can leave sheets, towels, good things to eat, and some books that may please your visitors.

They’ll have everything in sight and you’ll prevent them from opening and closing closets or commodes whenever they need something.

On the terrace

One of my favorite uses is this. The display case looks great on a terrace or balcony. In it you can put your plants and create a kind of greenhouse.

For your most precious adornments

Showcases are ideal for displaying your most precious objects while keeping them safe, out of reach and clean. Use it to keep a collection, travel souvenirs or antiques.

To organize your desktop

If you work at home and need to keep everything in perfect order, then a display case will help you keep your work items organized.

What if you paint it a very strong color and put it in your children’s piece?

It can be an alternative for storing their toys or clothes.

Display case in home

Make your showcase attractive

What’s so important about making a showcase attractive? Everything. Making your showcase attractive will bring more potential buyers closer to your business. However, here are some tips.

Tell a attractive story

If you’re preparing something special for Valentine’s Day, don’t just opt for hearts, let your decor tell a story. But, don’t exaggerate.

Think of who will see from the outside

Nicks suggests placing a band in the window that will level the eyes of whoever will see your store from the outside.

Concentrate the main information you want to display with the decoration on that level. Leave the ceiling and floor for the peripheral decoration.

Surprise consumers

Incorporating elements and materials little used in the decoration of your showcase is a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Using bold colors and formats is also a way to attract attention. Above all, the clients will be glad.

Keep the display case clean

It’s important that you don’t overload your store window with too much information. A good tip is to use a large amount of the same product so the public will see everything nice.

Attractive showcase!

Business with showcases

Showcases have always been a delicate subject to deal with when setting up a business.

With us you can always be sure that your showcases will be the way you saw them in the catalogue.

Your designs can always be made by you, according to your possibilities and comforts inside the store.

In addition to this, our products are manufactured with the best materials for their long life.

If you have a question or do you want order, just contact us!

For business!