Monthly Archives: January 2014

Custom Museum Display Cases – Made in the USA

Our custom made display cases are made in the USA by experienced mill workers with an average of  18 years work experience!

Our pricing and quality is unmatched by our competition and the design choices are basically unlimited!

View the attached photo’s which are examples of glass showcases made this month!

Tower Showcase

Tower Display Cabinet

Tower 88



Large Museum Display Cases – Shipped to NEW MEXICO

This big project was not easy to design or make, but our team at the Museum Display Group did it perfectly!  Our customer has a HUGE selection of miniature trains and planes that needed to be displayed in the basement of an old house that was turned into a museum!  To get into this basement you first need to get to the backyard!  From the backyard you need to go down a long narrow staircase which is only 74.5″high and 36″wide!  You can imagine the challenge of getting 29 custom made crates into this basement!

Attached is a photo of one of these VERY large museum display cases!


Large Museum Display Cabinets

Large Museum Showcases

Counter Top Display Case – Shipped to Toronto


The counter top showcase was just shipped to our customer in Toronto Canada.  This is a very basic design and is easily attached to a base cabinet the customer already has!

Please review the attached photo of this particular design!